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HHS Current Status

Basic Drives: 194
Basic TDs: 1539 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 14
Td with no managers: 54

Pro Drives: 83
Pro TDs: 581 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 6
Td with no managers: 4

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2021, incase this data is too old, you can request update via @BhadooDiscussion
Important: HHS Users are advised only to create TDs for their own use or friends and family, any user found creating public TDs for reselling or free, more than enough for personal usage will be suspended and those TDs from that account will be removed. Although we'll notify user by email before this action.
It was indicated before that instead of increasing price we can decrease the number of sales per month.
Keeping in mind that as more and more users loose their data on free TDs or cheap GSuite from non-edu providers, the user base of paid EDUs and TDs will increase with time. So from now on every month, a limited number of EDUs and TDs will be sold on HHS. The price remains the same. The total number of each product will be shown on the product page itself.
Another Hit
Now this. 😂

Please Note that these details are just sent by Google to the administrator and explains that Google knows everything.
AWS RDP Available Now

Limited Stocks Everytime

Join Waiting List incase out of stock.

Note: Incase user has less use requirements please contact @TheFirstSpeedster
Soon Google will change Old Unlimited Businesses to Workspace which will end Unlimited Storage, Join us on Hash Hackers Store with yearly subscription to HH Shared Drives and store unlimited data. We'll switch to biggest plan provided by Google to support unlimited storage as soon as this changes. But to do that we need enough subscribers to support monthly payments. Please join if you've those requirements. It's just 1 Dollar a Month. Happy New Year

We need minimum 96 Subscribers (3 already active) to support unlimited storage to everyone, on Google Workspace Enterprise Standard Plan.

Note: This doesn't applies to edu and we have no new info for edu yet.
Starting December 2020,
10% of all Sales based on HHS or Bhadoo Cloud will go to Bhadoo Industries Emergency Fund, which will be donated to people who need serious help in medical emergencies.
Bhadoo Cloud Drives are not going anywhere, so i request to all the members not to bulk copy content for backup and all. This way limits will not hit and whenever you need a file you can just download from the drive.

Also if someone made public index using Bhadoo Cloud Drives, please shut them down, it causes limits for users who need a movie or a file/folder for personal use.
There are tons of drives and tons of data stored and even then, we cannot download a lot of files we want to download on an urgent basis. All this happens because of limits on those drives due to unwanted cloning of content for sharing purposes and all. We do not control all those drives but we do some, so from today users cannot download from Bhadoo Cloud Drives directly. Instead of this, users need to use Index links to download their content. In a few days, the errors will stop showing and we'll all be happy (except those we want to bulk copy or share). This is the only way to overcome this problem. I hope other groups will also follow this.

Easy download Using Bhadoo Index

For those who want downloads from drive, a subscription service is coming soon, while cloning is prohibited on it.
This includes the Workspace Shared Drive Plan

Only First 100 users are invited.

HH Pro Full Drive Account Product is getting discontinued. It'll be available as a part of per month or per year subscription. If you wish to keep the account for lifetime as it is now, you can buy now from above link within next 24-48 hours.

Note: Those who have already purchased Pro accounts or Shared Drives will not be affected and their account will remain lifetime.
Bhadoo Cloud Updates

In Beginner plan, TDs are already disabled.

In Basic and Pro, TD Creation will be disabled in next few hours for all users. If you have an account you can create few TDs for personal use now, and you can request admin for TDs incase you need more of them later.

For those who are sharing content outside with public links, please stop them as we'll not be responsible for your account deletions. We will be checking each user's created number of TDs to find and suspend problem creators.

Please consider this step as a precaution towards every one of your accounts safety. So you don't have to face problems because of others.

Note: Everything is safe, nothing to worry about. Don't message asking this please.
Anyone Interested in Business Account.

Its € 10 per user per month or INR 900 per user per month

Unlimited Storage and Transfer

You don't have to buy 3 accounts as your account will be under Hash Hackers Store Organization. This Offer is under Not for Profit Project. You'll pay the amount that is being paid to mega itself. Interested users message @TheFirstSpeedster
Bhadoo Cloud
Anyone Interested in Business Account. Its € 10 per user per month or INR 900 per user per month Unlimited Storage and Transfer You don't have to buy 3 accounts as your account will be under Hash Hackers Store Organization. This Offer is under Not…
Total cost per month is 37 USD approx for 3 accounts. We can create 3 accounts and then share them to all users at once. Those who wants please inbox @TheFirstSpeedster with Amount you can afford each month. The charges will be divided between users easily.

INR 1800 or USD 24 per year (effective cost 2 USD/month)

Base Benefits for the 2 USD Price
1. Hash Hackers Business/Enterprise Workspace Shared Drives for Unlimited Personal Storage, as paid plan it provides tension free data backup. These are only used by Pro members.
2. Hash Hackers Pro Google Drive account worth USD30+ at HHS includes Unlimited Storage from Education GSuite and Shared Drives for Personal Usage. (User can keep the account as long as they have Bhadoo Cloud Pro subscription.
3. Access to Bhadoo Cloud Google Shared Drives (TBs of Movies, Shows, Software's) directly from Drive. Easy Downloads, no rate limit for Personal usage.
4. Diamond Plan Shared Drive.

Extra Perks (changes time to time)
1. GitHub Education Developer Pack
2. Azure 100 USD with Pro Drive
3. Bhadoo Cloud Private Torrent Download Group
4. New Added: Shared Business Plan: Gives Unlimited Bandwidth, use this to download files without interruption or limits. (Worth 30 EURO per month) rclone supported account.

Current there are very few subscribers. I'll keep these services available from my own money so please join this plan and support this not-for-profit project. It's only 2 US Dollars per month.