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JioSaavn Downloader and Player Website

Download 320kbps Songs
Download Songs showing unavailable in your area
Search or Paste JioSaavn Link

Now install Small App on Android. Use chrome to access above site and click on Add to Home Screen.
Bhadoo Cloud is up and running, upto 1.9 TB per download limit on request, 75 TB daily upload capacity for aws and gco, High Speed multiple Bots, with torrent and URLs support, also support GDrive links cloning.
Also supports file bigger than 150+ GB when requested.

First Multiple Cloud Group on Telegram
Amazon Web Services - 1
Google Cloud Platform - 1
Heroku by SalesForce - 2
Digital Ocean - 1

Discussion Group

Google Groups to access Team Drives 5000 TB+

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If you enjoy Bhadoo Cloud (Group) Services, and can donate, you can donate any amount from below link.

Bhadoo Cloud Group is used to Download Torrents and URLs to Cloud.,,,, and are Bhadoo Cloud Sites.

Link: Donations
Who is willing to Pay USD 1 per month for Bhadoo Cloud Premium Group?
Final Results
No, I'll use Free One
Not Everyone Pays, So The Pro Group Will have Less Number of Users to Access Powerful Bots. Download Limits will be Pretty High. And We can allow restricted content on separate bot if users wants. The more the users the more the bots will be so everyone gets everything.

You can restate your Vote Now.

Also AWS Bot will be shifted to Pro. And Free Group will be limited to 60 GB Download Limits.
India Bans 59 China Apps.
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Unlimited Google Drive or Known as Edu Mail

Free EDUs works for 3-5 Years Max while our EDUs are Alumni EDUs that means Graduated Students are allowed.

Pay One Time, Use Life Time

Also Available Shared Drives for Gmail, that is Unlimited Storage directly inside Gmail Accounts.

Mega Pro Lite Vouchers for 1 Year, 12 TB Transfer and 400 GB Storage.

Difference Between Basic and Pro is that Pro is costly than Basic and Less Users use it making is secure and will last longer. Also Pro offers Office 365 Web, 5TB One Drive Storage, LastPass 6 Months Pack, Spotify Student Offer.

Basic Google Drive 7 USD
Pro Google Drive 27 USD
Basic Shared Drive 1.5 USD
Pro Shared Drive 7 USD
Mega Voucher 1 USD

More products are coming soon.
This pricing is limited period offer.

Also We have 700 TB of Movies, Shows and Softwares Collection which is free for anyone to access using our Discussion Group. Also You can download Torrents or Files from URLs to Our Google Drive to High Speed access, Copy then to your own drive and Upload To Telegram.

Pro Lite Voucher Giveaway attached to this post

To Join Click Here
Also Join @BhadooDiscussion for any of your Problems
To Buy Our Products Open Store URL from
Bhadoo Cloud is Fixed.
We're continously resizing the Bot Sizes and Limits according to need and workload. Incase of download failures we're deeply sorry and we assure you, we'll be doing everything to fix the problems faced by Bhadoo Cloud users.

Max Download Size upto 1.9TB when requested.
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In Collaboration with Bhadoo Cloud and other Torrent Groups listed above we're introducing New Team Drive Access Platform for Users.

This group was created and is managed by @MicroTechTon at @RaymondFreeSoftware (An Awesome Place, Do Join)

Benefits: Joining One Google Group will add all collaborating Team Drives to your Shared Drive (maybe in Hidden Shared Drive) Section of Google Drive

🤖 For Group Providers Contact: @MicroTechTon

🎃 Unable to Join due to edu restrictions Contact:

👉 For Users: Join Google Group.

Join One Group and Access all Team Drives.
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GitHub for Education Pack is pre-approved for PRO Drive Buyers at HHS.

Please use account which is never used for Github Edu and Incase your account says more documentation required email us for details.
*Terms Apply for some accounts.
Want to Buy Github Developer Pack? Includes alot of benefits. Already available with HHS Pro Drives. Eg. Free domains, Heroku 2 year free and much more.
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Introducing Cheap Unlimited Google Drive for those who don't want to spend money and doesn't keep private files for many years.

Note: The price is low and many will buy from here so we do not guarantee about anything but we'll try to keep your account as long as possible. (Basic and Pro Accounts are Alumni EDUs and are supposed to work for a long time giving worth to users money)

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Something about Bhadoo Cloud and Related Services
Do would you rate the pricing for HHS Products according to the services?
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Product Prices and Alternatives are updated on Hash Hackers Store, any more suggestions are welcome at @BhadooDiscussion
Due to some unprecedented problems. We had to delete our Google Group. There were around 5700 members in that group.

If you still wish to join the @BhadooCloud Group to access Drives, here is the new Group link.

Note: Please do not add this group email to your team drives without permission. 🙏

For those who want to join all drives (Bhadoo and alot more and more join below group, may include unwanted drives, hide them)
As Promised More Benefits to Pro Drive Accounts

Now Pro Drive users are Pre-approved for Azure for Students 100 USD Pack

Those who already have Pro Drive
Redeem Here:

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