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Some of Bhadoo Cloud Servers, Websites, HHS Orders and Bots are currently unstable, unresponsive or down due to maintenance and time problems. Most of the services will be available shortly, and everything will change starting next month.
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Google New Add-on 😢
As per Google Support Team, there is no announcement on How new WorkSpace plans will affect Old GSuite plans and GSuite for Edu. But it'll get clear within upcoming few months. Until then stay tight as we don't know what will happen next.

Note: One thing is clear, Old GSuites will switch to WorkSpace, even GSuite for Edu will get new name, but we don't know if this will affect its features.

Stay Tuned for Latest Updates at GSuite/WorkSpace.
Hash Hackers Store

Introducing New Product

Subscription Based Product for Personal Storage
HHS Current Status

Basic Drives: 194
Basic TDs: 1539 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 14
Td with no managers: 54

Pro Drives: 83
Pro TDs: 581 (Active)
Deleted TDs by Users: 6
Td with no managers: 4

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2021, incase this data is too old, you can request update via @BhadooDiscussion
Important: HHS Users are advised only to create TDs for their own use or friends and family, any user found creating public TDs for reselling or free, more than enough for personal usage will be suspended and those TDs from that account will be removed. Although we'll notify user by email before this action.
It was indicated before that instead of increasing price we can decrease the number of sales per month.
Keeping in mind that as more and more users loose their data on free TDs or cheap GSuite from non-edu providers, the user base of paid EDUs and TDs will increase with time. So from now on every month, a limited number of EDUs and TDs will be sold on HHS. The price remains the same. The total number of each product will be shown on the product page itself.
Another Hit
Now this. 😂

Please Note that these details are just sent by Google to the administrator and explains that Google knows everything.